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Get more reach and repurpose your Clubhouse content into awesome videos. Don't let those valuable chats disappear into the ether!

Clubhouse to Video
Clubhouse to Video

Clubhouse to Video

Turn your Clubhouse Chats into an Engaging Video.

Motionbox is the easiest and best tool to turn your clubhouse chats to video. Add images, headshots of participants, custom animations, and much more. Choose from a selection of premade clubhouse video templates or create your own. Now you can have a fantastic custom video that you can promote on other platforms. Don't let Instagram's, Twitter'ss or Facebook's video only limitation get in your way. Converting your Clubhouse chats to video will mean you don't miss out on potential customers.

How to turn a Clubhouse Chat into a Video?

Follow these simple steps to convert your Clubhouse chats into videos.

1. Record Audio

Use your iPhone's settings to record your Clubhouse room chat. Ensure that you inform participants of this fact, especially if you have famous people taking part.

2. Upload Your Audio

Once you've recorded your chat, upload it to your Motionbox account. It will automatically be added to your timeline, where you can start editing it.

3. Trim and Edit

Upload up to one hour of audio. Trim it, duplicate it, move it around, add additional sounds. Easily create the underlying audio of your video.

4. Add Graphics

Use one of our templates or create your own graphics. Whether it's images about the show, your social links, topics, or anything else, that's up to you.

5. Add Participant Headshots

Use the timeline to add and animate images of the host and the participants. Make it clear whos adding value to the room and when.

6. Download and Share

It's as simple as that. You've now got a great video that you can promote on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or even TikTok. Don't let audio-only limit your imagination

How to Add Visualizers to Your Clubhouse Video

Watch this quick YouTube video explaining how you can turn a simple Clubhouse chat into a video fit for all social media networks.

How to Add Visualizers to Your Clubhouse Video

Why turn a Clubhouse Chat into a video?

elow are three main reasons why you should be converting your Clubhouse into a video.

1. Social Media

You'll be taking your single chat and repurposing it for multiple social platforms. Select just snippets or upload the whole thing that's up to you.

2. Engagement

Visual content is much more likely to receive engagement than audio-only content. So not only will you be getting more eyes-on, but more hands-on!

3. Create a Series

By recording and visualizing your chats you can create a series for YouTube or self-hosted. This can lead to even more engagement and subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you do a video on Clubhouse?
    Clubhouse allows you to create room chat and shares your ideas with people. However, you cannot share pictures or videos through clubhouse.
  • Can you use Clubhouse on a laptop?
    You can use Clubhouse on your desktop or laptop through a third-party application Clubdeck. This allows its users to access the services on their laptops
  • What does the Clubhouse app do?
    Clubhouse is an audio social network for iOS and Android users. It allows people to create audio rooms and chat through rooms and groups.
Aaron Patton a Motionbox Customer

To keep my audience engaged and excited for the weekly episodes I use Motionbox to promote the content. It's super easy to trim my podcast and add a visualizer.

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Melissa Buening a Motionbox Customer

Motionbox helped me create short clips of longer videos that were perfect for sharing as social media posts for my client's campaign. The built-in subtitle feature and progressbar worked great. I even used the subtitle feature to quickly generate copy from the longer videos so that I could also create blog posts! It saved me so much time. If I could use Motionbox to create top-notch content for my client who is a Super Bowl champion, then I'd say it's a superb tool!

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I love using Motionbox for the automatic captions. When I make videos It's important that I have various sizes and they're accessible.

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Creating videos with Motionbox has been a delightful experience.

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