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Resizing a GIF is an easy task in Motionbox

Smoothly resize your gifs

It's hard to reshape GIF content into a new shape. With Story Creator App it's now easier than ever to simply upload a GIF and resize it to any aspect ratio/size you would like. This is perfect if you want to use some of the premade assets in Story Creator. We have device mockups that sits on top of your media. All you have to do is resize the handles to fit inside the iPhone or whichever mockup you choose. We'll handle the rest. Let your imagination run wild.

How to resize a gif online?

Below are three simple steps on how you can resize any GIF.

1. Upload GIF

Simply upload your GIF content. On the sidebar you will notice an uploads icon. Click on that and either drag/drop your media or click to button to find it.

2. Select GIF

Just click your GIF and it will be added to the Artboard. From there it will be in an active state ready to be resized.

3. Resize GIF

By default Story Creator adapts media to fit the Artboard. Simple move the handles on the edges of the active GIF until you get your desired size.

A video on how to resize GIFs

I made a quick YouTube video explaining how you can resize GIFs.

Why resize a GIF?

Below are three main reasons why you might want to resize a gif.

1. New shape

Just like I have demonstrated you can put a GIF inside an iPhone. You may find a one on Giphy and want to dress it up for a video.

2. Target platforms

You may want to target a specific social media platform where a certain size works best. If this is the case then Story Creator makes it super easy to make a GIF for a story or a regular post.

3. Make a meme

With Motionbox you might want to make a video meme from a GIF. It's easy to resize it so you can add text above and below.

Creating videos with Motionbox has been a delightful experience.

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