Jul 1, 2022

Add music to Instagram Story

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Michael Aubry

How to add music to an Instagram story – whether you’re a Motionbox user looking for a way to add music to your videos, or just want to jazz up your Instagram stories with some tunes, this guide will show you how!

What is an Instagram Story?

Instagram Stories is a feature within the Instagram app that allows users to share photos and videos with their followers. The content shared on Instagram Stories disappears after 24 hours, making it a temporary way to share information.

One of the benefits of using Instagram Stories is that you can add music to your posts. This can be done by using a third-party app like Motionbox. Motionbox is a video editor that allows you to add music to your videos. You can also use Motionbox to edit your videos before sharing them on Instagram Stories.

If you'd like your stories to last longer than 24 hours, you have the option to pin them to your account. So when someone comes to your profile, the stories you save will be pinned at the top.

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What is Motionbox?

Motionbox is an online video editor that is built to make video editing easy, and online. With capability extending from editing a video collaboratively with multiple people at once, to editing gifs and even adding music to an Instagram story. The beauty of Motionbox is that it combines the power of video editing, but puts it online and allows you to edit the same video with other people. Making it seamless to get real time feedback on a video you are editing, a class project or even a gif you're editing to perfection.

How to add music to an Instagram Story using Motionbox

Adding music to an Instagram Story using Motionbox is a great way to add some personality and flair to your story.

Here’s how you can add music to your Instagram Story using Motionbox:

1. First, open up the Motionbox dashboard and select the “Create New Video” option.

2. Then, upload your video. Make sure you choose the correct aspect ratio, this is very important for stories.

3. Once you’ve uploaded your video, you're going to want to upload the music you'd like.

4. You can either upload an audio file from your computer, or bring a link in from YouTube. Either way, once your file is in, you're going to want to edit the audio down to just the part you want to be on your story.

5. The song will now start playing over your video! You can adjust the volume by adjusting the volume slider on the right hand side of the screen when you select the audio in your timeline. When you’re happy with how everything sounds, click on the “Export” button in order to proceed.

How to create a Motionbox video editor account

If you're anything like us, you love to create, that's why we built Motionbox! It's all about creating. Motionbox is a video editor that, among other things, allows you to add music to your Instagram stories, giving them an extra layer of personality and pizzazz.

Creating a Motionbox account is easy and only takes a few minutes. Here's how:

1. Go to the Motionbox website and click "Sign Up".

2. Enter your email address and choose a password. Then click "Create Account".

3. And that's it! You're now ready to start creating amazing music videos for your Instagram stories, or short films for your friends, or anything you want really. Just head over to your dashboard, click the "Create New Video" button and start exploring all the possibilities!

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How to share an Instagram Story

Sharing an Instagram Story is a great way to keep your friends and followers updated on what's going on in your life. Here's how to do it:

1. Tap the camera icon in the top left corner of the screen.

2. Take a photo or video, or choose one from your camera roll.

3. To add music to your story, tap the "Motionbox" icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. This will open up a library of songs that you can choose from.

4. Once you've selected a song, use the "Video Editor" tool to trim it down to fit your story. You can also add text, emojis, and other effects to personalize your story.

5. When you're finished, tap "Done" in the top right corner of the screen and then "Share".

How to delete an Instagram Story

There are a few different ways to delete an Instagram Story. The first way is to go to your profile and tap the three dots in the top right corner. From there, select "Archive." This will take you to a page where all of your Stories are saved. Find the Story you want to delete and tap the trash can icon in the bottom right corner.

The second way to delete a Story is from within the app itself. To do this, simply tap on your profile picture in the bottom left corner to bring up your Stories. Then, find the Story you want to delete and press down on it until the trash can icon appears. Tap on that, and confirm that you want to delete the Story.

Finally, if you change your mind about deleting aStory after you've already archived it, you can go back into your Archive and restore it by tapping on the "Restore" button in the top right corner.

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FAQs about adding music to Instagram Stories

1. How do I add music to my Instagram Story?

Adding music to your Instagram Story is easy! First, open the Motionbox video editor and select the video you want to use. Then, upload the audio you want to play on top of your video. Finally, adjust the volume and playback speed to match your video, and you're done!

2. What types of videos can I add music to?

You can add music to any video that's in the MP4 format, and remember, individual stories can't be longer than 15 seconds. This includes videos shot with your phone's camera, as well as downloaded or recorded videos.

3. How do I adjust the volume of the music?

To adjust the volume of the music in your video, simply use the slider control underneath the audio editor when you select your audio. You can also change the playback speed by looking for the "Speed" button and selecting a new speed (slow, normal, or fast).

4. How much does Motionbox cost?

Motionbox is free to use, but there is the option to upgrade to a paid plan in order to edit longer, larger videos.


If you're looking to add music to your Instagram story, there are a few different ways you can do it. One option is to use the MotionBox video editor. Our video editor has a lot of great features that help you create the best possible posts for your social media. Including we make it easy to add music to your Instagram story. Sign up today to get started!

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