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Music Visualizer
Music Visualizer

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Adding music visualizers

Turn your music into a promotional snippet that you can share on social media. Add beautiful visualizers, waveforms, and audio spectrums online with Story Creator. Effortlessly add these elements with the most intuitive online video editor in just a few clicks. This feature works perfectly for podcasters, musicians, voice actors, and more. If you're looking to grow your audience through the power of social media, then this is your tool. You access our other tools and add images, text, effects and more.

How to add a visualizer to your video?

Below are three simple steps on how you can add a visualizer.

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1Upload Audio

Upload your song audio. Once it's done uploading as soon as you select it to be added to the timeline. The UI will ask if you want to trim it. It's that simple.

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2Trim Audio

You might not want to give away the whole song. Trimming it is perfect to highlight an interesting segment and share it with the world. Then you can add text if you want to share where users can find it.

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3Add Visualizer

In the sidebar there are several premade visualizer options, pick the one you like. You can also add a video or a static image in the background. To spice it up access additional features like motion graphics.

Try a Music Visualizer Template

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Music Visualizer Video Tutorial

Here is a quick YouTube video explaining how you can add music visualizers to a video online.

Music Visualizer Video Tutorial

Why add a music visualizer?

Below are three main reasons why you will want to do this.


Instagram has 1 billion users on the platform. Twitter has 330 million. The problem is you can't upload pure audio files. Since it's a visual platform, you can now turn your music into a visually stunning video. This helps drive traffic.


Having a stock image with audio slapped on isn't going to cut it. You have access to the tools to enhance your video with beautiful music visualizers so that users will stop and consume your content.


When users share your content you grow. Having videos posted on social media makes it super easy for people to share the content. If they like the snippet they are more likely to share it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the best music visualizer online? is the best music visualizer online. It's easy to use, has a great set of features, and plenty of visualization options.
  • How do I make an audio spectrum online?
    You can use a video editor like to create an audio spectrum online. We have a range of audio spectrums available to suit your needs.
  • What is the point of a music visualizer?
    A music visualizer helps you create a better connection with your audience by tickling not just their audio but also their visual perceptions.
  • What's the best free music visualizer?
    The editor will allow you to create a free music visualizer.
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