Instagram Story Video Templates

Create more attractive Instagram stories using our range of ready-made templates and easy-to-use online editor.

Instagram Story Video Templates
Instagram Story Video Templates

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Instagram Story Templates by Motionbox

Instagram stories are essential to getting more engagement and views on your content. While the Instagram app allows for a great deal of customization it's not perfect. That's where Motionbox comes in. We help take your Instagram Stories to the next level. Just like with Instagram our UI is straightforward, however, with a whole range of additional options, you'll be able to create Instagram stories that really stand out from the crowd.

How To Use an Instagram Story Template

  1. Record your initial Videos
  2. Sign up to Motionbox and use one of our free instagram story templates, or start from a blank video
  3. Easily drag and drop features, add music, animations, and so on
  4. Click export and you're done
  5. Now you can upload and share it on Instagram and anywhere else you'd like to

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Instagram story template?
    An Instagram Story template is just as the name suggests. It's an outline that you can use to create better and more appealing Instagram stories.
  • How do you make a template for Instagram stories?
    With you can make your Instagram story templates with just a few clicks. Gone are the days of chunky and expensive editors. Now you can do everything from your browser!
  • Where can I find Instagram story templates?
    We've already created a number of amazing Instagram story templates for you, and if you've got a great idea that you can't do by yourself we can also help make that a reality.
  • Can you make a custom story on Instagram?
    Yes, stories are very customizable and one of the best features of Instagram. If you're not yet using Stories, you definitely should be!