YouTube Intro Video Templates

A selection of free premium YouTube intro templates. Customize any YouTube intro and add to your channel with our easy to use video editing tools.

YouTube Intro Video Templates
YouTube Intro Video Templates

Youtube Trailer Intro

Simple Screen Recorder Intro Template

Fitness Home Workout for Beginners YouTube Video Intro

Youtube Fitness Channel Intro

Red Hat Masterclass

Dynamic Intro

Pink Twitter Post Template

Background for YouTube Intro

YouTube Vlog Intro Video

Aesthetic YouTube Intro Background

YouTube Intro Template

Food Twitter Post Template

YouTube Intro Maker by Motionbox

Unfortunately, it's not enough these days to just have a YouTube channel and to post videos frequently. Like with all marketing, the YouTube landscape has also changed significantly over the years. Your videos not only need to be entertaining but they also need to make a lasting impression with your viewers and subscribers. One of the best ways you can achieve this is by creating an awesome YouTube intro to showcase your channel. Our YouTube intro creator templates allow you to do exactly that. Make your YouTube videos stand out even more.

How To Make a YouTube Intro

  1. Click one of our YouTube intro templates, or create a new blank video
  2. Customize to the media files suit your channel
  3. Add logo, music, and a host of customized design options to choose from
  4. Click export and you're done
  5. You can also use Motionbox's easy to use video editor to create your full YouTube videos
  6. Once you're happy with everything, you can easily upload to YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a good intro for YouTube?
    Your intro needs to be colourful, snappy and to the point so that your audience understands what your channel is about and it captures their attention. Additionally, adding social media info can help grow your audience quicker.
  • How do you make an intro for YouTube?
    With you can make your YouTube intro with just a few clicks. Gone are the days of chunky and expensive editors. Now you can do everything from your browser!
  • Where can I find YouTube intros?
    We've already created a number of amazing YouTube intros for you, and if you've got a great idea that you can't do by yourself we can also help make that a reality.
  • What intro maker do YouTubers use for their channels?
    YouTubers use a whole range of programs and it all comes down to personal preference. We'd like to say is the best but it really depends on the scale of your YouTube channel, your personal preferences, and your technical knowhow.
  • What should I say in my YouTube intro?
    Yes, the background feature is free to use. You can also download most of them for free.