Sep 2, 2021

Add Music To Video Online

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Michael Aubry

Adding music to videos has never been made easier.

Music for any purpose of the video, whether background music, sound effects, or simply a soundtrack and it's even possible to use popular music in videos these days too.

Whether you'd like to make your video gimmicky or flash, it's just as easy. has got you covered in every way.

How to Add Music to Video

Adding music to your video online is simple. Let's see step by step how to do this.

1. Register to

We'd say the first step is the easiest but they all are. First register to You won't need a credit card to do this.

2. Upload Your Media

Upload your audio file or audio track, as well as your video file. Once it's uploaded, you have to select it to add it to your video timeline. Once you've chosen it, just drag and drop to add it.

Now you can easily adjust the audio track to your video. You can trim it or expand it how you like. The user interface will help and guide you by asking questions and confirmations. See so simple

3. Cropping audio files

You might be interested in using only a fraction of the song rather than the whole thing. Well, there's a solution for that as well.

Trim Audio - Motionbox


It is one of the most fantastic video editing features that help to select a specific part of your audio file. It allows you to share your video file, making your videos unique and expressive just like you. You can also add text for more accessible finds and so that people can search for your video easily.

4. Use Pre-Made Templates

Motionbox also provides its users pre-made templates for ease-of-use and efficiency. You can quickly move to the sidebar and pick any template you like to be added to your video files, pick the one you think suits you the best or that will engage your audience the best.

Adding videos or just still images is also an option this video tool offers. How cool is that! To make things more interesting, try accessing additional video editor to0ls. You won't regret it.

Benefits of Adding Music to Video

There are countless benefits as to why you should add music to your videos. Whether it's for a presentation or for something you're going to share online, adding music to your video is always beneficial.

1. Promoting Video Content

People now rely more on visual stimulation and flashy presentations rather than simple audio. Hence today's platforms require you to upload videos rather than just uploading audio.

Each video has to be more unique and different from the previous ones. Adding new audio to your videos helps visibility on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, requiring only seconds long videos to attract an audience.

2. Attracting audience attention

Just adding audio to the video won't be enough so that we have various edit tools that help enhance your video. Not bad for an online video editor, right?

Plus, even in the free version, it has excellent tools for personal use, allowing you to keep the audience wanting more of your videos.

3. Sharing

You can share your videos on multiple platforms at the same time. You are making your reach better and if your audience finds your content unique and engaging. They are more likely to share it with more people allowing you to grow and progress in every way.

More shares will attract more people, making it easier for you to spread your videos and audio to a broader and versatile audience. Motionbox features help you do this exact thing with more simplicity and ease.

What Type of  Audio File Can Be Used?

There are numerous options available to add audio or upload it and add music to video online. These options provide the opportunity to use various forms of formats and different sample rates and bit depths of these audios.

Format: Formats you can use to add audio or add music are AIFF.cdda, MP3,WAV,AAC.

Apart from this, the motion also promotes multiple audio editing options. Like, importing sound effects, mono or stereo audio tracks, to add audio dialogues, etc.

When adding audio to video with different sample rates is automatically adjusted by motion as it resamples the audio tracks with rate and bit depth to the liking of your desktop. The default value for this is 16-bit and 44.1kHz for the built-in audio interface.

What Video File Can Be Used

Our online video editor provides lots of options for the kind of video footage you want to upload.

We support more than 20 types of video and audio file formats. Including codec, DV, iFrame, Motion JPEG, XF-AVC, Apple animation/intermediate codec, and many more. Container formats and Still image formats like 3GP, MP4, MXF, GIF, BMP are also supported.

This enables maximum engagement and unlimited possibilities to achieve the best quality editing footage containing videos and audio.

Moreover, video clips of different compressed codecs can be combined in the same project/file. This applies to different frame sizes, aspect ratios of pixels, and interlacing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions have been entertained below.

How can I add background music to a video online?

You can add audio to a project using the motion library. The audio can be selected from the music library on your device, such as iTunes on Apple devices.

You need to click on the import option, letting you choose and import/upload audio to add. It will then be displayed on the Audio List, Timeline, and media list.

How can I add music to an existing video?

If you want to change the audio of an existing video completely, you can remove the previous audio of the video and add new music by using the Motionbox library. The latest music can be edited as per your choice and added to the video.

How to Add Audio to Video?

To add audio to the video, you need to export both the video and audio together at the end. After video editing and audio visualization in, you need to extract both to add audio to the video.


Briefly put, provides you with all the options to make editing videos much more accessible. Apart from giving loads of options in formating and editing, also has a very user-friendly interface. A lot of people praise it for being easy to use and well equipped with the latest tools.

Michael Aubry

Hey 👋 I am the founder and maker of Motionbox. My mission is to build useful tools in the video space. I enjoy science, art, and sports. Feel free to reach out to me.

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