Jun 5, 2021

Essential Video Marketing Statistics

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Michael Aubry

Video marketing is on the up and up.

Looking at all these video marketing statistics you'll realize just how big the video industry is.

Everything from websites to Tik Tok is now utilizing video to improve all aspects of marketing.

We've gathered for you, the largest list of video statistics on:

  • Sales

But wait...

You've read a million of these lists before.

So what's new?

Well to make this a little bit more exciting we've added some great quotes from prominent marketers.

And to top it all off we've looked at previous years' predictions and see if they've been correct or not.

Sidenote: We've collected information from multiple data sets. As with all research and statistics, no two studies are alike. Therefore you'll find many cases of conflicting video marketing statistics. Therefore, take these with a pinch of salt before basing your marketing efforts on them. As the saying goes "all toothpaste is recommended by 9 out of 10 dentists".

Video for Sales

When it comes to sales, video can be a great marketing tool. In fact, if you don't already use video for brand awareness or marketing, then you're missing out significantly. So let's kick off this video marketing statistics list with how it can help you with sales.


As you can see by the numbers below, having video content is a surefire way of growing your number quicker.

Video for Sales
“Online video is the Swiss army knife of internet marketing. It really can be used all over the customer lifecycle, whether it’s customer service, marketing, or even recruitment.” – @MarkRRobertson, Video Marketer

1. Brands that use video marketing grow their year-over-year revenue 49% faster than brands that don’t - Vidyard

2. 75% of users visit a company’s website after viewing a video - Digital Sherpa

3. 88% of marketers claim that video has produced a good ROI (HubSpot)

4. 40% of companies find that video is the type of content they get the highest ROI from (Animoto)

5. 83% of marketers generate leads through video marketing (Wyzowl)

6. 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with best the ROI - Adobe

7. 65% of execs visit that product or service’s website after watching a video about it (Small Business Trends)

8. The average brand has 377 videos in their library (Vidyard)

9. The 4 most common types of business videos: webinars, product demos, videos for social media, and explainers (Vidyard)

10. 73% of marketers are creating at least 2 videos per month as part of their social media marketing strategy (Animoto)


However, a brand's video content can not only help increase brand awareness, but it can also help increase conversions. Explainer videos and similar product videos are a great way of increasing conversions as it allows viewers to get a better idea of what you're selling them.

"Video allows us to tell the great stories of our customers, rather than our own." - Bo Dietrick (Vidyard)

11. Including a video on your homepage can increase conversion rates by 20% or more - Reel SEO

12. Using video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% - EyeView

13. Retail site visitors who watch a video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors - Comscore

14. 84% of consumers have cited video as the convincing factor in a purchase they have made (Wyzowl)

15. Using product videos can help eCommerce stores increase product purchased by up to 144% (RedStag Fulfillment)

16. A study by LSA found that 71% of people who made a purchase had watched an online video from that brand (Search Engine Land)

17. Including a video on an eCommerce page can increase the average order value by at least 50% (Impact)

18. Explainers and demos are the joint-best video formats for generating conversions (Vidyard)


Marketing videos don't have to be dedicated to increasing conversions or driving traffic. In fact, online videos can be used to help get your customers get a better understanding of your brand and your product.

If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they’ll define your brand’s story for you. - David Brier, Branding Expert

19. 96% of people have viewed an explainer video to get a better idea about a product (Wyzowl)

20. People are 4x more likely to watch a video about a product than read about it - Animoto

21. Two-thirds of consumers cited short videos as their preferred method of learning about a new product (Wyzowl)

Video for Inbound Marketing

Along the lines of branding and business, video is also fantastic for inbound marketing. That is generating visitors to your website or physical store.

Marketing Video


When it comes to the use of video for local marketing we've found very few statistics. Of course, if we were to look at the TV market, then we'd be able to find considerably more.

SEO: It’s a combination of art and science, wherein the primary objective is to build trust. – Jason Acidre

22. The Local Search Association found that 53% of people contact a business after watching one of their videos (Search Engine Land)


Interesting, videos can help with your video marketing efforts as well. In fact, if you've received an email from us, you've probably noticed that we're using one of the strategies mentioned below.

"Make the customer the hero of your story." - Ann Handley

23. Click rates are up to 65% higher on emails that include links to videos (Campaign Monitor)

24. Email subscriber dropout is reduced by 75% when video is incorporated - Eloqua

25. Incorporating video in email can improve open rates by nearly 20%, and cut unsubscribes by over a quarter (Campaign Monitor)

26. Using video in email marketing can increase click-through rates by more than 90% - Mist Media

Organic Traffic

When it comes to videos and inbound marketing, most people tend to think of YouTube and other social networks. However, video marketers know that when you use video you'll also help boost your organic traffic.

“On a broad scale, I see SEO becoming a normalized marketing tactic, the same way TV, radio, and print are traditionally thought of as marketing tactics.” – Duane Forrester (Bing)

27. Companies using video see 41% more web traffic from search than non-video users - Aberdeen

28. Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines - Brightcove

29. Blog posts incorporating video attract three times as many inbound links as blog posts without video - Moz

30. Video attracts 2-3x as many monthly visitors and doubles their time spent on the site - Marketing Sherpa

31. Video is 52 times more likely to show up on page one of Google than text - Unbounce

32. Including the word "video" in the subject line of an email can boost open rates by up to 19% (HighQ)

33. Nearly 41% more people engage with an email when a video thumbnail is included (Wistia)

34. Car parts retailer, Advance Auto Parts, found that web visitors stay on site twice as long and browse twice as many pages if they watched a video (Neil Patel)

35. 87% of marketers report that using video as part of their marketing strategy has helped increase website traffic (Wyzowl)

36. The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video - Mist Media

Video in Social Media

Online video content comes to life on social media. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and even Twitter users love to watch video content. So if you're not posting video on your social networks yet, you're definitely missing out. In our opinion, at least 50% of your posts on varying social media platforms should be video.

Social Media Video


As you can see from the numbers below, irrespective of the social network, businesses use video to grow and engage with their audience at a faster pace.

“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.” David Alston

37. The share rate on social video is 12x higher than images and text combined (Small Business Trends)

38. 49% of consumers engage with brand videos daily on Facebook, while 32% do so on YouTube, and another 24% on Instagram (Tubular Insights)

39. Almost 9 in 10 video marketers intend to use YouTube as part of their content strategy next year. Facebook isn’t too far behind at 76% (Wyzowl)

40. Video posts on Facebook generate 73% more engagements than posts of photos (BuzzSumo)

41. YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the top 3 platforms on which marketers are posting organic videos and video ads. Instagram is a close 4th (Wyzowl)

42. Social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and images combined - Brightcove

43. 93% of marketers claim that posting a video on social has led to acquiring a new customer (Animoto)

44. YouTube counts a view once a viewer has watched at least 30 seconds, while Facebook counts a view after only 3 seconds (Skeleton)


Facebook is the largest social network in the west, so it's no surprise that it would have millions of video views on its platform. Some even thought that it would become a video-only platform, however, we strongly believe that will never happen.

“The first rule of social media is that everything changes all the time. What won’t change is the community’s desire to network.” – Kami Huyse (@kamichat)

45. 500 million people watch videos on Facebook (Neil Patel)

46. Facebook users are 1.5x more likely to watch a video on mobile than on a desktop (Facebook)

47. 1 in 5 videos on Facebook is now a live broadcast (Facebook)

48. 85% percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound - Digiday

49. Native Video Uploads to Facebook have 10x higher reach than shared YouTube links - Social Bakers

50. Video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts on Facebook - Social Bakers

51. 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook - TechCrunch


Twitter is not really on the video spectrum as you can see by the lack of statistics. In fact, most users on Twitter prefer the lack of video on the platform. It's not that it can't be done, it's just that it's audience doesn't seem to like it.

52. Twitter video views increased 62% from 2019 to 2020 (Twitter)

53. 93% of video views on Twitter occur on mobile (Twitter)


YouTube is the defacto video site. While there's a whole range of different video platforms, such as Vimeo, YouTube keeps growing in popularity.

“Stop thinking of ‘Video Marketing’ as this separate entity that is optional for your business. Video is an effective form of communication that needs to be integrated into each and every aspect of your existing marketing efforts.” – James Wedmore (JamesWedmoreTraining)

54. 85% of marketers are using YouTube, making it the most widely-used platform for video (HubSpot)

55. Among millennials, YouTube accounts for two-thirds of the premium online video watch across devices - ThinkWithGoogle

56. YouTube sees 900 million unique visitors every month - Statistic Brain

57. YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year - RendrFX

58. YouTube users watch over 1 billion hours of video each day on the platform (YouTube)

59. Mobile accounts for over 70% of YouTube’s total watchtime (YouTube)

60. After analyzing 1.3 million YouTube Videos, Brian Dean found that comment count, number of views, number of shares, and number of likes are all strongly correlated with higher YouTube rankings (Backlinko)

61. Videos that rank on the first page of YouTube have an average length of 14 minutes and 50 seconds (Backlinko)

62. HD videos account for 68.2% of the videos on the first page of YouTube (Backlinko)

Video Ads

Video Ads have been growing constantly over the years. This has largely been in thanks to growth of Instagram as well as mobile in-game advertising.

“The play button is the most compelling call-to-action on the web.” - Michael Litt

63. Enjoyment of video ads increases purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139% - Hubspot

64. The average user spends over 16 minutes watching online video ads every month - ComScore

65. Google reports that 30 second video ads on YouTube have a 30% higher view-through rate than 15 second ads (Google)

66. 80% of people who watch a video ad can recall it 30 days later (Neil Patel)

The World of Video

Of course, this rise in video has meant that it's essential to incorporate video marketing into your everyday digital marketing strategy. More videos mean that it's becoming more important to employers and employees alike.

67. 84% of marketers rate video creation as an important skill when they’re hiring for new marketing positions (Animoto)

68. Marketers complain that their top challenge when creating video is that it’s too time consuming (Animoto)


So why is video becoming so popular? Well it's simple, it really comes down to how videos affect us psychologically compared to other social media posts such as text and images.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Henrik Ibsen
Video Psychology

69. Visual Data is processed 60,000 times faster than text by the brain - Nonprofit Hub

70. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text - Insivia

71. 65% of your audience are visual learners - Nonprofit Hub

72. Videos under 90 seconds long have an average retention rate of 53% (Neil Patel)

73. 52% of viewers watch a video all the way until the end, up from 46% in 2017 (Vidyard)

74. 57% of people who watch nonprofit videos go on to make a donation. - Qgiv

Video Consumption

Since the amount of videos uploaded has increased, so has the demand and viewership. Have a look at the growth of video consumption.

Video Consumption

75. 85% of companies are using some form of analytics for their videos (Vidyard)

76. Viewers watch live video 3 times longer than video that has been prerecorded (Social Media Today)

77. 86% of consumers would like more video content from the brands they support (Wyzowl)

78. 73% of the videos that companies published in 2019 were a length of 2 minutes or less (Vidyard)

79. 75% of executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week - Insivia

80. The average time a person spends each day watching video content online is nearly 2 hours and 20 minutes (Wyzowl)

81. 33% of the people’s time spent on the internet is allocated to watching videos (depositphotos)

82. 55% of people watch videos online daily (HighQ)

83. Desktop accounts for 87% of business-related video views (Vidyard)

84. People watch more business video on Thursday than any other day of the week (22%) (Vidyard)

85. The top 3 channels where video content is distributed: website (85%), social media (84%), and YouTube (67%) (Vidyard)

Video Projections

Many people try to predict how video as a marketing tool, and video viewership will change and grow. So let's have a look at some of the past and present predictions and see if they came to life.

Video Projections

Past Predictions

So here are some of the past predictions. Interestingly, some were correct and some weren't. Unsurprisingly, none of them really got it close to correct but some weren't far off.

86. By 2019, 80% of the World's Internet Traffic Will Be Video - Cisco

While this was a realistic expectation, according to Sandvine only 60% of the world's internet traffic was video.

87. US digital video ad spending is predicted to reach $28.08 billion in 2020, up from $6.84 billion in 2015 - Tubular Insights

This was completely hit out of the park and US Digital ad spend reached $139.8 billion in 2020 according to IAB.

88.  There will be 201.4 million US digital video viewers in 2017, representing 78.1% of Internet users and 62.7% of the US population - Lead Generation Software

According to Statista this was surpassed by over 10%.

89. Nicola Mendelsohn, head of Facebook’s operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, predicts that Facebook will be all video by 2021 (Quartz)

This is a completely failed prediction. Most interestingly this quote came from within Facebook. Even more interestingly the prediction is from 2016 by which point Facebook already owned Instagram and they should have predicted that that will be the visual and video social network.

Current Predictions

Here are some predictions that we'll need to wait to find out if they become true or not. Make sure you follow Motionbox to receive even more video marketing statistics and see how the future of video grows.

90. 82% of all internet traffic will come from video, for both business and consumer, by 2022 (Cisco)

91. Global digital video advertising spend is projected to reach over $52 billion by 2023 (Statista)

92. Cisco predicts that by 2021, 75% of worldwide mobile traffic data will be video (Cisco)

Video Marketers Pay Attention

Many marketers say video is the new norm and that text and image content is dead. While we don't completely agree with this, it does have background merit. So we'll wait to see what happens, and while (unsurprisingly) we're banking on video to grow, we don't think it will kill traditional mediums.

Michael Aubry

Hey 👋 I am the founder and maker of Motionbox. My mission is to build useful tools in the video space. I enjoy science, art, and sports. Feel free to reach out to me.

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