Jul 2, 2021

Real Estate Video Music

6 minute read
Michael Aubry

Real estate agents can step up their game with video and stock music.

Videos statistically help create an emotional connection with buyers and turn interest into valuable inquiries.

You've probably come across several videos or ads that have the perfect music to them.

The perfect music will help make viewers want to keep watching to the end.

While music may seem of little consequence in marketing videos, they have their due importance in real estate marketing videos.

The perfect track can help make it to the top of listings, and at the end of the day get a sale.

What's even better is that this crucial player does not drain much from a real estate agent's due profit.

Your favorite stock music - though hard to imagine - is free to use and can be found easily through many royalty-free sources.

This article will look at how agents can take their real estate videos to the next level with great royalty-free music.

We'll also delve into the benefits and the importance of using great music to make your videos more compelling to prospective buyers.

Real Estate Video Music

Initially, selling homes was about taking a few pictures of the house and adding them to an advertisement.

While many still stick to the traditional ways, the masses have adapted to the changing times. Statistics are in unwavering support of those real estate agents who sell their homes through video to showcase their properties.

Real estate agents spend extra time perfecting video content for their videos by hiring entire teams for video editing purposes.

However, they could easily avoid that and do most of it themselves. This holds true for adding some good background music too. The right music sets the mood of your videos and conveys the emotions you want to resonate with potential buyers.

At the same time, though, you can't just pop Ariana Grande's hit song into your next video without seeking the necessary copyright permissions.

If you use music without permission, you could face a lawsuit in a matter of time and be kicked off of YouTube or other platforms - too much to go through for just single background music.

Fret not, for we have compiled this article just for you to enjoy the benefits of adding music to your real estate videos.

Throughout the article, we shall be discussing a plethora of companies and platforms that specialize in offering good background music for videos

Best Real Estate Video Background Music

When choosing the music, the main question you want to ask is how do you want your viewers to feel when they watch the video?

Using proper background music can add another dimension to your real estate marketing video.

Let's explore some of the options that you have that you can start incorporating into your real estate videos.

Lights by Patrick Patrikios

If you're looking for clients interested in buying retirement homes, you may want to go for some soothing music options.

Lights by Patrick Patrikios is one such option that will add a feeling of serenity to the video. It's an instrumental ambient sound that will keep your client hooked to the video.

URL Melt by Unicorn Heads

If it's a modern bachelor's pad, you want a piece of music that reflects your potential buyer's youth and excitement.

This might be their first house, so you want your music to be upbeat. One great electric music that fits the category is URL Melt by Unicorn Heads.

A contemporary home looks for a premium beat, and Chocolate Cookie Jam by An Jone is nothing if not exuberant. It's the perfect bold and inspiring music that creates a triumphant mood fit for your real estate clients.

Many more to choose from

This list is just a small playlist to get you started on the journey to find the music that fits the kind of home you want to show or the story you want to tell through your video marketing campaign.

Where To Get Royalty-Free Music

To find the music options that suit your needs, you will want some go-to websites in your toolkit, which you can depend on to find royalty-free music anytime.

These websites will make your browsing faster, and you'll find the Machiavellian task of rummaging through long lists of background music options made much more accessible.

Royalty Free Music

YouTube Audio Library - Media Projects

The YouTube Audio Library doesn't like only royalty-free music but also one that is free to download. You may pick your options by filtering the mood and genre you deem fit for your video, and you will have a couple of options that you can use to create a mesmerizing real estate video.

Facebook Sound Collection

Facebook also offers a multitude of music options in its Facebook Sound Collection applet. This is similar in use to the YouTube Audio Library to expand your list of available options.

Free Music Archive

Another great resource that offers royalty-free music is the Free Music Archive. It offers an extensive music archive where you are likely to find any background music for your real estate videos as you desire. However, it would do you good first to check the music you download from here for its quality.


SoundCloud offers free music that is listed under its Creative Commons filter. You may have to link the music you use in your video, but that's not much to ask for if you are getting good quality, royalty-free background music.


ccMixter is directed by a community of artists, so you can get a diverse music selection to choose from that can cater to every mood or feeling you would like to evoke in your clients. Whether it be relaxing music or one with electric guitar, this resource has it all. Like SoundCloud, the small price you pay is a line in your video description to credit the artist.

Benefits of Real Estate Videos - Commercial Business

Benefits of Real Estate Videos

Video is a dynamic and stimulating medium that conveys more information than a static picture. Video tours showcase homes in a more accurate way than pictures.

Video also gives you a chance to introduce yourself, your community, and your agency in a fun and efficient way. Video home tours give viewers a much better idea of the house's flow and overall character.

Additionally, real estate videos can showcase the property to multiple buyers at the same time. The buyers who watch the video will already be one step closer to making the purchase. Save time on answering the calls for information about the property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions when it comes to real estate video music.

How long should a real estate video be?

Typically, a real estate video should be around 3 to 7 minutes long. Whilst delivering all the critical information to a prospective buyer, it should not carry on for too long, making the viewer lose interest. It is the first image the buyer sees of your real estate business and the property, so make sure that it counts!

What is real estate videography?

Real estate videography is essentially a marketing tool that most real estate agents will use to entice their potential buyers into closing the deal. It involves shooting a tour of the property, with optional narration to give the viewer a full view of the real estate.


It seems a challenging task to pick the right music for a real estate video. The fact that there are so many choices makes most real estate agents wonder why they have to add background music in the first place.

Be that as it may, reading this article will have convinced you of the advantages of choosing the right track in your video and will also educate you on how to manage the problems you may face.

So what are you waiting for? Start shooting and editing the songs in and see your business engagement skyrocket within a matter of time!

Michael Aubry

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