May 5, 2021

Choosing the Perfect Songs for a Birthday Video

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Michael Aubry

We all love to celebrate our birthdays!

Whether it's the 1st, 16th, 18th, 50th, or even the 100th, a happy birthday is all we want!

To remember this special day, many of us create birthday videos and slideshows. Gone are the days where mere candles could complete the day. We need the perfect song to make happy birthday videos and add to the celebration's fun.

However, it is not easy to develop videos and slideshows containing the fitting images, coupled with the most relevant track with suitable lyrics for the happy birthday.

While you might have some amazing birthday songs in your playlist or some beautiful background music to celebrate the occasion through the birthday video, choosing the best one can be challenging. After all, you do not want to compromise with the wonderful b'day experience for your loved ones.

To add the icing on the top of the cake, rather quite literally, we have compiled a whole list of birthday songs to add to the fun and bring out the life in the party through the birthday video that you want to create.

These songs have been used in several videos in the past, wishing numerous people a happy birthday!

The Best Birthday Song

Our first choice for the best birthday song to fit with the birthday video you are aiming to create to add to the fun and vibe of the party is

The Beatles: Birthday

This birthday song first came through the album released in 1968, which is highly fit for a background song for a birthday video given the classic birthday tune and lyrics it comes with.

It has been regarded as one of the best birthday songs in the past. And won the hearts of several people who have wanted a Beatles birthday.

Yes, a birthday cake and a video consisting of this song and the memories of the birthday boy or girl is a big hit.

Top 10 Birthday Songs for Birthday Video

However, we have other options for you as well. Whether you want a pop song, a classic tune, or some rock song, we have got you covered.

If you are targeting children with the birthday video, then we have a number suited to their age. You can take a look at the list and listen before making a call.

1. Happy Birthday: Stevie Wonder
2.Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen - Neil Sedaka
3.Birthday Cake: Rihanna
4.Birthday: Destiny's Child
5.Birthday Sex: Jeremih
6.Birthday: Selena Gomez
7.Birthday: Katy Perry
8.In Da Club- 50 Cent
9.Happy Birthday- Weird Al Yankovic
10.Birthday Song- 2 Chainz

Let's Elaborate

Stevie Wonder- Happy Birthday

This birthday song has been in use for several years now, and also suits for use as one of the songs for birthday video, not just because it wishes you 'Happy Birthday' but also because the music has been played on another special day- the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. during a campaign.

It is also widely used as a b'day song on the b-day of people of all ages for its beautiful lyrics.

Neil Sedaka- Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen

As the name suggests, this birthday song is suited to the 16th birthday song for videos. The song has made it to the top 10 pop songs by the artist and adds to the life of the party around the world.

It is also a great song to dance to or convey your wish to someone through the video because of its rich lyrics and good background music.

Rihanna- Birthday Cake

This is a pretty common song on the birthday playlist of many, and whereas it is not suitable for kids, it is a pretty intense song where Chris Brown remixes the music and uses the song to dance with Rihanna.

The number has been a hit, also as a dance song, besides its suitability to videos. You must not play it for and around children, given the adult content in the lyrics.

However, if you plan to wish your beloved in private, this can be a great choice in terms of a birthday song.

Destiny's Child: Birthday

This one has been regarded as one of the best birthday songs. It's a song for the video of b-day, given the soothing music, the perfect wishes in words, and suitability that march around the kids. It must not be the best happy birthday song but comprises elements that make it ideal for videos.

Jeremih: Birthday Sex

Once again, not a song to play around children but surely a peaking number one in terms of a birthday song for videos that you want to play around your special person privately or even sing it.

You can also use the song as a sign of your love and desire towards your partner.

'Birthday Sex' is undoubtedly one of the top birthday songs today, and while it does not wish a happy birthday, it does convey the message of a birthday wish, which makes it one of the best birthday songs.

Selena Gomez- Birthday

This one is another birthday song, wishing happy birthday to oneself, yet suited for pop enthusiasts and videos tailored for them.

It has been regarded as one of the best birthday songs of all times globally and is one of the popular songs of the artist on YouTube.

There is a sign of self-love in the song, making it suitable for someone who celebrates themselves on their birthday. The music is also pretty uplifting.

Katy Perry- Birthday

The song on YouTube has been a massive hit in the world of birthday sons and comes with vibrant music, making it perfect as a background sound. It has been regarded as the best birthday song by many, as per comments on YouTube, wishing happy birthday at the end of the song.

It comes with a joyous tune and has a march of celebration in the melody. When coupled with a slideshow of images, it can really sound pretty cool.

50 Cent- In Da Club

Another popular song for a birthday video, wishing for a happy birthday, is the 50 Cent- In Da Club with a rap tune.

It has been regarded as the best birthday song, not just giving a birthday vibe, but also acting as a party song, consisting of both wishes and celebratory vibes.  The music of the song provides the sign of a free spirit as well.

Another similar song is the Twista Birthday song. You can check it out for free on their website or channels.

Birthday Song- 2 Chainz

If you are only inviting adults or showing the video in private, this can be a lively song to use, adding to the free spirit sign it promotes.

The music in the video is also pretty enervating. Kayne West's voice also highlights the birthday message in the song.

If you love recording yourself, you might even sing the song and use it on the video for your friend.

Happy Birthday- 'Weird Al' Yankovic

This is a funny yet quite popular happy birthday song and regarded as the best birthday song by many.

It mentions happy birthday quite a few times and highlights the birthday vibe in the song, making it perfect for your best happy birthday video.

What Do You Say In a Happy Birthday Video?

Besides wishing happy birthday to the person you are making the video for, you can say a few more things in the video.

You can either set up candles around you, recount memories you have spent with this person, talk about funny moments you both can relate to, put up altered images or use your free imagination to come up with better ideas.

Adding something funny can lighten the atmosphere or add to the positive vibe of the video.

How Do I Create a Birthday Video?

With Motionbox you can create a birthday video with ease. Just drag and drop in your media items, add visual effects.

It really is that simple.

You don't need to use any complicated shortcuts, learn a whole new tool, or anything like that.

We're making online video editing simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Bollywood song is best for a birthday video?

When it comes to wishing a happy birthday through the best birthday song for someone who is crazy for Bollywood, we will suggest the 'Aww Tera Happy Birthday' for the best happy birthday message in a video. You can download the song for free from any music downloading website.

How can I add birthday music to a video?

With Motionbox you can just drop your music file into your workspace and add it where you'd like it to play.

What song has the same rhythm as happy birthday?

The Happy Birthday song has a rhythm whereby a dotted crotchet is followed by 3 more crotchets. The Star-Spangled Banner makes use of the same rhythm, even until the end of the verse.

Songs for Birthdays Recap

Candles and cakes may not always be all that you can get to make it a memorable birthday for your loved one. A video with a funny, thoughtful, or even a simple Happy Birthday song, can make the Birthday extra special. You can download the songs for free, include them in the video for free, and convey your happy birthday message creatively.

The best birthday song is not easy to choose. Our list only lists a few- a birthday song that did not make it to our list is also Happy Birthday by Loretta Lynn, which you can check out if you are looking for a jolly background sound for the video. Not all songs listed above say 'Happy Birthday,' but the best birthday song does not necessarily have to do so. Happy Birthday is just a message conveyed by the other lyrics of the best birthday song you choose.

Make no compromise in wishing your favorite people happy birthday with the best birthday song and using your personal touch to the video. Our guide will help you in the purpose, but the final call about the best birthday song has to be chosen by you, depending on how you want to wish a happy birthday to your person.

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