Mar 2, 2020

Why you need video content

2 minute read
Michael Aubry

I am not sure if you've realized or not but thousands of digital marketers are using video to engage with their audience. It's clearly a trend at this point.

However, I don't want you folks to be blindly following a trend. I believe it's important to always ask why. In this post I'm going to cover some bullet points as to why I believe video is important. Through my experience and the shared experiences of others I've personally talked with.

A Video Giving Tips About Why You Need Video Content

Video content helps you stand out

Creating video can be scary & challenging for others. It doesn’t have to be for you. Now is an opportunity to capture your audience through story selling & make revenue through video monetization platform.

By being different viewers will want to listen to what you're saying. With the right narrative and tools. You can tell a story that no one could possibly recreate, because it is yours. Your choice in art, your own personal narrative, your personality on the camera. The list goes on. It's easy to copy text and hard to communicate with too many words. It's hard to copy a great video, but easy to communicate your message.


This continues from my last point above. You can communicate so much in a 15-60 second video. You have probably spent one to two minutes just reading up to this point. In a simple video like I have above, I could communicate the meaning of this post in under 20 seconds.


Video definitely provides a closer look into your brand if done right. Users have an up close and personal view into your office, routines, staff, and way of operating. You can throw in aspects of your business that can't really be conveyed through plain text at least not as efficiently, quickly, and clearly as video can.


One sure fire way to grow is through viral marketing. If you can create a video that truly speaks to people. They are more likely to share it according to several studies. These studies show that people share videos they watch online more often than written posts.


Something I have learned from selling Story Creator recently is that people typically buy on emotion. Yes logically your product should be sound. However, emotion has the power to push people in the right direction. With video you have the ability to engage many senses. The users sound, the cinematography, the narrative being told in creative ways where basic text is limited.

I wouldn't mind reading the Christopher Nolan Batman. However, there is something seriously powerful about the movie version. The effects, the facial expressions, the movement. The only thing missing is the scent. Video truly captivates people.

Michael Aubry

Hey 👋 I am the founder and maker of Motionbox. My mission is to build useful tools in the video space. I enjoy science, art, and sports. Feel free to reach out to me.

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