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Change your video playback speed to perfectly match the tone of your music and theme.

Change Video Speed
Change Video Speed

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Benefits of a Video Speed Changer

With Motionbox it's easy to create the perfect announcement using own photos and videos. In just a few clicks you'll have the perfect announcement for any and all special occasions worth celebrating. Whether it's make-up, DIY, or something else, great crafts can take a lot of time. Therefore showcasing them can be difficult. However, when you speed up a video you can showcase amazing things in a fraction of the time. On the flipside, fantastic things can happen in just a fraction of a second. With a video speed controller, you can create a slo-mo effect to help everyone witness what has happened.
Benefits of a Video Speed Changer

How to Use Our Online Video Speed Changer

You'd be surprised at how easy it is to speed up or slow down your video. With Motionbox we've taken the difficulty out of the process and you can change the speed of your video with just a few clicks.

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1Upload Your Video

Register to Motionbox for free and start a new project. Then you can upload the video(s) you'd like to change the original speed on.

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2Edit Video

Use the speed settings to change slow down or speed up the original pace. Click the play button to see how the video will look like. You can also upload additional media files you'd like to use in your video; be that audio, images, or even more video.

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3Download and Use

You can now download your video to your computer, Google Drive, or anywhere else you wish. Now share your video online and let everyone experience your creation on their desktop or mobile device.

Video Speed Templates

Video Templates

Video on Changing The Speed of Your Videos

Check out this YouTube video clip in which we show you how you can adjust the speed of your video file. Slow-motion video or super-fast action-packed - that's up to you.

Video on Changing The Speed of Your Videos

Why Change The Speed Of Your Video?

Here are some great reasons why you should speed up or slow your video.

1Create More Entertaining Videos

Real-time video can be boring to watch. By changing the speed you can make it more entertaining for your viewers.

2Reduce Video File Size

Speeding up your video will reduce its length and hence the file size. This means that you'll be able to upload it to places with strict file size limits.

3Fully Online

Our platform is fully online in the cloud. This means you can edit your videos anywhere and any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a free video
    There are multiple free video editors that provide amazing features and tools for your editing needs. is one of these, though it will leave a watermark on your videos.
  • How do you post a GIF on Instagram with music?
    You can do this by opening the Instagram story camera make a video and then add the desired audio file by clicking the sticker button and choosing the music sticker.
  • What's the best app to add music to a GIF?
    Motionbox is the best got to apps for adding music to GIFs and making them unique
Aaron Patton a Motionbox Customer

To keep my audience engaged and excited for the weekly episodes I use Motionbox to promote the content. It's super easy to trim my podcast and add a visualizer.

New Age Influencers

Host of @newageinfluencers

Melissa Buening a Motionbox Customer

Motionbox helped me create short clips of longer videos that were perfect for sharing as social media posts for my client's campaign. The built-in subtitle feature and progressbar worked great. I even used the subtitle feature to quickly generate copy from the longer videos so that I could also create blog posts! It saved me so much time. If I could use Motionbox to create top-notch content for my client who is a Super Bowl champion, then I'd say it's a superb tool!

Melissa Buening

Agency Owner

Joy Ofodu a Motionbox Customer

I love using Motionbox for the automatic captions. When I make videos It's important that I have various sizes and they're accessible.

Joy Ofodu

Creator @instagram

Creating videos with Motionbox has been a delightful experience.

Motionbox is the best online video editing tool jam packed with tons of features to help you rule the internet.

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