Collaborative Video Editing

Collaborate on videos remotely with your colleagues and friends no matter where you are in the world!

Collaborate on Videos Remotely

Our collaborative video editing feature is the best thing since sliced bread. Think a mix of Figma and Adobe Premier Pro. We're proud to say we're one of the best video collaboration tools on the market with a whole range of features. Our tool helps creatives speed up the video workflow. From making changes to remotely working together. Review and approval workflows will never be the same again. Whether you're doing a yearbook with your classmates or making a professional marketing video, we're here to make it quicker and easier.

How to Collaborate on Videos Remotely?

So how can you collaborate on videos with ease?

1. Create your Video Project

Create the video, and add any videos, images, music you'd like to use.

2. Share & Invite

Use the share button to invite others to collaborate on the video with you.

3. Export

Create, collaborate, and comment in real time.

Remote Video Collaboration

Watch this short YouTube video to learn how to use our collaboration software to edit videos with multiple users from across the globe. Your video production flow will never be the same.

Pros of Video Collaboration Tools

Videos collaboration has tonnes of pros that will ensure you'll never miss classic video editors again.

1. Quicker Production Times

When you're able to collaborate on a video in realtime you're able to produce the final video in a significantly shorter amount of time.

2. Better Improvements

Our video collaboration tool means that it's easier to point out the changes you'd like leading to higher quality video files.

3. Easy to Use

Collaboration is nothing new. However, Motionbox is considerably easy to use compared to other video editors. According to independent reviews.

Creating videos with Motionbox has been a delightful experience.

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