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Crop a GIF to make it the perfect size for you.

Crop a GIF
Crop a GIF

Crop a GIF

Create the Perfect Animated GIF File

With Motionbox it's easy to create the perfect announcement using own photos and videos. In just a few clicks you'll have the perfect announcement for any and all special occasions worth celebrating. Don't let a badly sized GIF get in your way of creating the perfect animated GIF. Using our GIF cropper feature you can make a GIF the exact size that you'd like it to be. However, we're not limited to slicing animated GIFs. We have a whole range of tools to provide you with the perfect GIF maker.

How to Crop a GIF

Using Motionbox to edit your GIF files is straightforward and intuitive. With our free version, you can even try it risk-free.

1. Register and Start

After you register you can create a new project for your to be GIF animation. You can use a blank canvas or one of our amazing templates.

2. Create and Edit

Now use our tools and features to create your GIF. Whether you want to crop it, add sound, or something else, there's plenty of choices for editing.

3. Export and Share

Once you've cropped your GIF and edited it to your needs you can download it and share as you'd like. Facebook, Instagram, and more are your giant playground now.

Using our Online GIF Cropping Tool

Watch this video to learn how to use Motionbox. Everything from changing the desired dimensions to editing your original image, and more.

Using our Online GIF Cropping Tool

Why Use Motionbox

Motionbox can do a lot more than crop and slice animated GIFs. Learn why Motionbox is the perfect video editor for you.

1. Works in Your Browser

Motionbox works directly in your browser. No expensive hardware required - just an average computer and an internet connection.

2. Simple Online Tool

We're constantly testing and improving Motionbox so that it's as easy as possible for our customers to use.

3. Create Awesome Videos

It's not enough to create videos these days, you need to create awesome videos. Motionbox helps you do just that. You can even convert GIF files to MP4 for a smaller file size.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you crop a GIF into a shape?
    Yes, there are tools that allow you to crop a GIF into a shape. Unfortunately, this is not possible with Motionbox just yet.
  • How do I scale down a GIF?
    You can use Motionbox to scale down a GIF. Import it to our platform select the size you'd like and then click export.
  • How do you crop a whole GIF?
    You can use Motionbox to crop a whole GIF. Whether you want to crop it vertically, horizontally, or both, that's up to you.
Aaron Patton a Motionbox Customer

To keep my audience engaged and excited for the weekly episodes I use Motionbox to promote the content. It's super easy to trim my podcast and add a visualizer.

New Age Influencers

Host of @newageinfluencers

Melissa Buening a Motionbox Customer

Motionbox helped me create short clips of longer videos that were perfect for sharing as social media posts for my client's campaign. The built-in subtitle feature and progressbar worked great. I even used the subtitle feature to quickly generate copy from the longer videos so that I could also create blog posts! It saved me so much time. If I could use Motionbox to create top-notch content for my client who is a Super Bowl champion, then I'd say it's a superb tool!

Melissa Buening

Agency Owner

Joy Ofodu a Motionbox Customer

I love using Motionbox for the automatic captions. When I make videos It's important that I have various sizes and they're accessible.

Joy Ofodu

Creator @instagram

Creating videos with Motionbox has been a delightful experience.

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