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Add Music to GIF

Add Music to GIFs online with ease using Motionbox

Add Music to GIF
Add Music to GIF

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Easiest Way to Add Music to GIF

With Motionbox we make it super simple for you to add music to your GIFs

You get a suite of GIF Editing tools in Motionbox. With this feature you can add a GIF to your project, then add music to it.

You will not be able to export it back as a GIF, but you can export it as an MP4 which will render your GIF and attach the music to it so you can share it online.

Easiest Way to Add Music to GIF

How to Add Music to GIF?

Here are some simple steps that highlight how to add music to your GIFs. It's super simple to use.

Motionox first How to Add Music to GIF? image

1Pick GIF

You can upload your GIF, or you can select a GIPHY GIF since we have the integration in the sidebar. Refer to the video above to see how it works.

Motionox second How to Add Music to GIF? image

2Add Music

Similar to the step above you can upload your own music or select one of the many free songs and sound effects we have in the sidebar.

Motionox third How to Add Music to GIF? image


You can't export as a GIF since it needs to have a way to support audio in the container, you will be able to export your GIF as an MP4 so that it gets music attached. Press the blue export button and you are done.

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A VIdeo on Adding Music to GIFs

Check out this YouTube video tutorial that we created with Motionbox.

A VIdeo on Adding Music to GIFs

Why Add Music to GIF?

We use it ourselves all the time to repurpose GIFs into memes with music using our GIPHY integration.


You can use thousands of free GIFs with our GIPHY integration, so just search and add your GIF. It's also super simple to add music following a similar process.


Adding music to GIFs are free, the only thing we ask is you use our watermark on the free version to help support us grow.


By being online you can easily add Motionbox into your workflow, especially if you use tools like Figma and or Webflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Edit a GIF?
    Yes you 100% can edit a GIF. All you need is a video editor such as to be able to do so.
  • What is the Best GIF Editor?
    There are plenty of GIF editors around today. However, due to the countless features and tools, we believe that is one of the best GIF editors on the market.
Aaron Patton a Motionbox Customer

To keep my audience engaged and excited for the weekly episodes I use Motionbox to promote the content. It's super easy to trim my podcast and add a visualizer.

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Melissa Buening a Motionbox Customer

Motionbox helped me create short clips of longer videos that were perfect for sharing as social media posts for my client's campaign. The built-in subtitle feature and progressbar worked great. I even used the subtitle feature to quickly generate copy from the longer videos so that I could also create blog posts! It saved me so much time. If I could use Motionbox to create top-notch content for my client who is a Super Bowl champion, then I'd say it's a superb tool!

Melissa Buening

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Joy Ofodu a Motionbox Customer

I love using Motionbox for the automatic captions. When I make videos It's important that I have various sizes and they're accessible.

Joy Ofodu

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Creating videos with Motionbox has been a delightful experience.

Motionbox is the best online video editing tool jam packed with tons of features to help you rule the internet.

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