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Add Text to GIF
Add Text to GIF

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Create Amazing GIFs

Don't settle for average. With you can great GIFs that are out of this world. Whether you simply want to add some text, add captions or fully spice it up - the choice is yours. The only thing that you need is a tonne of creativity and an account with
Create Amazing GIFs

How to Add Text to Animated GIFs

So how easy is it to add text to GIFs? Well it's as simple as 1-2-3. That's right it only takes 3 simple steps to create GIFs, add text layers to them, add a whole range of other features.

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1Register and Start

The first step is the simplest. Register to Then start a new project and use a blank canvas or use one of our amazing templates. Finally, upload your initial GIF.

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2Start Adding Text

Using the simple drag and drop add a text layer and start editing. You can change the font size, change colors, and even add a range of effects. You can also add image overlays, a host of other features, and even resize it.

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3Export and Share

Once you're done editing your animation and videos it's time to download it. Click export and save your new GIF to your computer.

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Watch In Action

Watch this video to learn how easy it is to use Motionbox to create GIFs and video content. Whether you need to edit the whole clip, or just a section of it, it's just as simple.

Watch In Action

Why Edit GIFs With

There's plenty of video editors online but we believe that is the best choice for editing your animated GIF file online. Just have a look at all of the pros our online GIF editor offers.

1Large Range of Editing Tools isn't a one-trick pony. With Motionbox you can just as simply add text to a GIF as add a blur effect or some moving images.

2Choose Font Styles

Our tool isn't limited to Arial or Helvetica. Choose your font and font family according to your needs.

3Collaborate & Listen

Use our real-time collaboration to edit GIFs and video clips with your team, and leave feedback on how you would improve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I add a watermark on GIF image?
    Adding a text watermark onto a GIF is easy. Simply upload your GIF to and use our text box feature. You can also add an image watermark if you'd like to.
  • What's the best GIF editor?
    There's countless GIF editors available online. Deciding which one to choose can be difficult. However, due to it's large feature set and constant evolution we'd recommend giving a shot today.
  • What's the coolest text to add to a GIF?
    Pow, Kaboom, Swoosh are the coolest text to add to a GIF. OK, that's a joke. It will really depend on your audience and their type of humor.
Aaron Patton a Motionbox Customer

To keep my audience engaged and excited for the weekly episodes I use Motionbox to promote the content. It's super easy to trim my podcast and add a visualizer.

New Age Influencers

Host of @newageinfluencers

Melissa Buening a Motionbox Customer

Motionbox helped me create short clips of longer videos that were perfect for sharing as social media posts for my client's campaign. The built-in subtitle feature and progressbar worked great. I even used the subtitle feature to quickly generate copy from the longer videos so that I could also create blog posts! It saved me so much time. If I could use Motionbox to create top-notch content for my client who is a Super Bowl champion, then I'd say it's a superb tool!

Melissa Buening

Agency Owner

Joy Ofodu a Motionbox Customer

I love using Motionbox for the automatic captions. When I make videos It's important that I have various sizes and they're accessible.

Joy Ofodu

Creator @instagram

Creating videos with Motionbox has been a delightful experience.

Motionbox is the best online video editing tool jam packed with tons of features to help you rule the internet.

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