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Turn On Your Webcam

Video Recorder (Social Media)
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Turn On Your Webcam

Edit Video With Ease (Text Based Editing)
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Video Editing & Rendering

Quickly Create Pro Video Content For Social

Look like an editing genius without hiring an editing team. Your content needs animated captions and fluff trimmed out to keep viewers engaged -- with Motionbox, we make this easy.

  • Create Content Fast

    When you want to publish ideas on social media in a professional engaging way you need a well produced video. Doing all this editing takes time. We make it super fast and easy to record, edit, publish.

  • Engaging Captions

    We automatically transcribe your video, you can edit the video via text, and the captions will overlay on top of the video with word by word highlighting.

  • Intuitive Editing

    If you can edit a word doc you can edit a video, our text based editor makes it super easy to edit your recorded video as well as polish it so it's ready to be published on social media.

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Share & Collaborate

Communicate Ideas

Reduce back and forth communication within your team with video. Record videos quickly, refine and edit with our text editor so they look professional. Then share and collaborate on ideas more efficiently.

  • Sharable

    Once you record your video we host it for you and provide a dedicated landing page that you can share with the world, or internally with your team.

  • Editable

    Using our text based video editor you can trim sections out of the video. You can add intros/outros, overlay elements on top of your video to make them pop.

  • Transcriptions

    We automatically transcribe your video for you and provide translations so you can communicate with your team more effectively. You can turn the text into documents for better communication. There are so many things you can do.

Turn On Your Webcam

Edit Video & Share With Teams
if you're under 30 and you're not making
Interactive Demo (Try Yourself)

Edit your recordings with a text editor

Record a video, then edit the video like a word document. Add automatic animated captions, trim parts of the video by deleting words.

Simplified Editing

Add Beautiful Intros & Outros w/ One Click

Look like a professional and stay on brand. Create the perfect video intro or outro using our pre-made templates or your own handmade templates.

  • Stay On Brand

    Adding a beautiful intro to your videos not only gives viewers context, it also keeps your video content organized and on brand.

  • Customizable

    The templates you can attach are fully customizable. You can use pre-made templates without any need to edit the video, or you can have someone design a template for you using our video editor.

  • No Editing

    With our intros and outros you dont need to be a professional editor, you dont need to spend money on an editor to add intros manually. We automatically add it for you.

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