Birthday Video Templates

A fantastic selection of Birthday Video Templates to help you celebrate you or your loved ones' birthday.

Birthday Video Templates

Birthday Video Templates by Motionbox

Celebrating a birthday with friends and families is great. However, you can make it so much better with a birthday video. Now with Motionbox, you can. Create a video to show at the event, or create a video to celebrate the event - or why not do both! With Motionbox you can easily create videos to help celebrate and enjoy the events. It's easy to use and with just a few clicks you can have a studio-quality video.

How To Make a Birthday Video

  1. Take videos and photographs of the event
  2. Sign up to Motionbox and use one of our templates, or start from a blank video
  3. Easily drag and drop features, add music, animations, and so on
  4. Click export and you're done
  5. Now you can upload and share it on any platform that you wish to.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I make a personalized birthday video?
    With Motionbox you can easily drag-and-drop videos, photos, and other elements to easily make a personalized birthday video.
  • What do you say in a happy birthday video?
    Well, you should definitely say happy birthday! Then you can say meaningful, or helpful things to bring cheer to the person.
  • How do I make a birthday video with multiple videos?
    With Motionbox you can just drag them both to your work area and you're done.
  • Which app is best for birthday video making?
    There are a lot of apps for making birthday videos. We believe that Motionbox is the best due to its ease of use.
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