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Smoochy smooch we got some top notch kiss GIF templates that will make you want to kiss your screen. Try our free templates today, what are you waiting for -- a kiss?

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Kiss GIF Templates by Motionbox

Who doesn't love a good kiss, we have a wide selection of kiss templates that will have you wanting to kiss your screen after you press render. These templates are 100% free to use and we have multiple themes related to kissing. Some videos are montages and others are cute animated smooches with text that you can edit to create a personal touch for the ones you might want to kiss.

How to use kiss GIF templates

  1. Select a kiss gif template you like
  2. If you're not signed into Motionbox, then create a free account
  3. Edit your video however you would like until you're happy
  4. Click export, then download and you're done
  5. Now you can upload and share it on any platform that you wish to

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use a kiss gif template?
    You may want to spread a smooch with a lover of yours, or someone who did something awesome and you must express your desire to kiss them -- in a non weird way of course.
  • Are the kiss gif templates free to use?
    They are absolutely free to use. You can click use template and unleash your creativity. There will be a watermark for the free version and some features will be limited. We will be free for life, but hope to offer enough value to have you as a customer.
  • Where can I post these kiss gif templates?
    It's up to you, we offer multiple formats for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. You can even share these videos via link with your friends through text message or your co-workers through Slack. Create videos with multiple formats and export them as an mp4 or a gif.