Advertisement Video Templates

Create amazing video advertisements, with just a few clicks, to help sell your product and get even more customers.

Advertisement Video Templates

Video Advertisment Creator by Motionbox

Selling products and services can be difficult even for the best salesperson in the world. Using Motionbox's intuitive video editor you can create stunning video ads in minutes. It doesn't matter if you don't have any video editing skills, with Motionbox you can create professional-looking video ads and promo videos by simply drag-and-dropping the relevant features, or better yet starting out with our fantastic templates.

How To Create Video Ads

  1. Take videos of your items, products, or services
  2. Sign up to Motionbox and use one of our templates, or start from a blank video
  3. Easily drag and drop features, add music, animations, and so on
  4. Click export and you're done
  5. Now you can upload and share it on any platform that you wish to

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make my own video ad?
    With Motionbox making your own video ad is simple. Upload your media files, add your logo, and any additional files you'd like. Create your animations, or use our template and then export.
  • Are there any free video ad makers?
    Motionbox is 100% free to use and only requires registration. However, we do offer paid plans with additional features too.
  • How do I create a Facebook ad video?
    You can create a Facebook video ad just as easily as an ad for any other platform. Our tool allows you to set the video size that you wish to create. Whether that's for Instagram or Facebook that's up to you.
  • How do I create an advertising template?
    Using our revolutionary UI you can create your own video template which you can then use over and over again. We've got some great sample templates to start you off with.
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